Counter Fraud Program
Fighting fraud with high level SIU investigator expertise.
What Sets Us Apart
  • We employ former Department of Insurance fraud analysts and insurance carrier SIU insurance specialists.
  • Every investigative report and First Report of Loss / Injury   is thoroughly reviewed.
  • We operate 24/7, and we employ a dedicated fraud manager to oversee law enforcement referrals.
  • We’ve cultivated close relationships with relevant local, state and federal agencies, streamlining the investigative process to achieve better outcomes.
We offer training, state reporting, and state mandated anti-fraud plans throughout the U.S.
We’re acknowledged as one of the most effective providers of 3rd party SIU investigation solutions in the industry
We provide SIU and Compliance training, state reporting and state mandated anti-fraud plans in every state
We have decades of experience identifying, documenting and assisting state agencies prosecute insurance fraud
We’re a proud member of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

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