Recorded Statements
Helping create airtight cases by locking down the facts.
What Sets Us Apart

  • Our dedicated SIU Investigation team has robust multilingual capabilities and exclusively handles the recorded statement process.
  • Our rapid response SIU investigators are specially trained for high exposure or catastrophic claims and can be reached at any time.
  • We’re multi-lines capable: workers’ compensation, personal lines, subrogation and EUO.
  • We conduct high quality  in person “field interviews” or virtual online statements.
  • Our teams are primarily comprised of former local or federal law enforcement including FBI, DEA and ATF.
Recorded Statements Are Vital
Recorded statements, verbal or written, are vital to the claims process, providing facts, timelines and credible witnesses.
A well conducted recorded statement can assist a legal defense by locking down facts 
early in the process
An in person recorded statement has the added benefit of observing the subject’s body language during the interview
Recording in person can build a more solid rapport with a subject and potentially help gain additional information
Important secondary benefits can also be revealed in person such as a subject’s body language

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